Wednesday, 25 April 2007

calendar in my page

these days i am thinking about adding calendar function on my web page.

the calendar shows current date, month and year when the users view pages.

moreover, the presentations (color or font) of dates are changed if the administrator posts some articles on the pages that day. the users also can press the dates to link to page to find out what were posted.

i find some good php tutorials on 'phpfreaks'. hope this website can help you guys.

i read some calendar tutorials which tell me that the most important thing to impliment calendar on a php server is that you need to make sure the php server enable calendar! i checked this with phpinfo.php and got a positive answer from mim server! that means i am given an opportunity to start doing calendar on my webpage. great!

Friday, 13 April 2007

successfully validated

after tried a lot of times, the learning proposal is successfully validated. i am happy to add the little picture onto my very first xhtml page.

what i obtained from failures and finally success are:
  • choose proper DTD type (transitional/ strict/ frameset)
  • end every single tag
  • the tags are properly nested
  • utf-8 encoding will help you achieve success
  • moreover, keep on testing and correcting
i add some images to clearly show the structure of every page. hope it is helpful for understanding my idea.
i am very sorry the size of image is large. the images will slow down speed of showing proposal.

the url of my learning proposal is the same: learning proposal

i have transformed the images into jpg in order to reduce the size of images.

Monday, 12 March 2007

another explanation of networking

It impressed me greatly that Tim used very unexpected way to explain networking. i never be told that the concepts of technologies relate to a scenario happens in a restaurant before. Now i can easily remember every concepts of the components of networking when i recall the ordering dish scenario.

conversation between these two guys-request and response(meaningful data)

i expect an amazing journey in DMT. Thanks Tim.

my first difficulty in creating blog

Hi, friends!This is my first bolg webpage. i hope it helps me not only to record DMT journals but also to make friends. The first problem is the blog i applied to is in Chinese version. i try to change the language to English in style settings, but it did not work! i hope you guys can help me to get out of the trouble. Moreover, i am not a English native speaker, if you find any mistake, please do not hesitate to tell me. Thanks a lot.

When i pressed to announce this journal on my blog, the wonderful thing happened. My blog page changes into English version. However, the editing page is still in Chinese.